Victoria Garner is a graduate of Brigham Young University, UT with an associate's degree in interior design and a graduate of County College of Morris, NJ with an associate's degree of fine arts in visual arts. She spent eighteen years working in the financial industry and several years as an interior designer. Vicki moved to Alabama from New Jersey in 2006 to be closer to family and to enjoy the warm southern weather. She recently moved to Leoma, Tennessee where her studio is located in her home out in the country.

As an artist, Vicki got her start early in life. In school, her teachers often displayed her drawings and her work was praised by her classmates. She could always be found with a pencil and paper in hand, tucked into a corner of her room drawing whatever took her fancy at the moment. When she was eleven, her mother enrolled her in a summer art program at the local art museum. From there, she continued with her art education in the public school system and later in college.

Vicki's work has been featured in group and solo exhibitions and galleries in New Jersey, Alabama and Tennessee - and is represented in private collections throughout the country. Her paintings have been juried into many shows and exhibits and have won several awards.


Artist Statement


Color excites my creative passions! The brilliant hues found in nature, especially yellow, inspire my landscape paintings. I try to incorporate yellow in nearly every landscape I do. Yellow's vibrancy brings joy to my heart.

An avid genealogist, the spiritual connection I have to my past inspires my still life compositions. Objects reminiscent of childhood summers helping my mother and grandmother gardening, cooking and sewing feature prominently in my work.

In late 2007, I collaborated with another artist, Natasha Nashadka, on a 10' x 35' mural depicting Jesus feeding the five thousand. The mural can be viewed in the dining hall of the Salvation Army Emergency Shelter located at 305 Seminole Drive, Huntsville, Alabama.

I recently moved from Huntsville to live out in the country in Leoma, Tennessee. The rural countryside with quaint Amish farms has led my work in yet another new direction. In addition, I have been involved in some book illustration projects.

As I begin each new piece, I reach within my soul for the passions evoked by my subject. The result is an emotional bond between artist and image that hopefully expresses itself to the viewer.